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PVC (Vinyl) Tubing & Hose
U.S. Plastic Corp.® carries an extensive selection of PVC tubing.  We carry many different types and styles including Excelon, Nalgene® and many more.
CLEARFLO® Ag-47 Clear Antimicrobial PVC Tubing
Excelon GO-1480 Vinyl Fuel & Oil Tubing
Excelon Laboratory Standard Wall Tubing
Excelon Micro-line Translucent Mini-Bore Tubing
Excelon R-2000 Tubing
Excelon RNT® Clear Flexible PVC Tubing
Excelon RNT® Clear Flexible PVC Tubing - Full Rolls
Excelon SL® Flexible, Non-Allergenic PVC Tubing
Kuri Tec® Black Contractors PVC Water Hose Assemblies Series HS2163HDW
Kuri Tec® Heavy Duty Reinforced Green PVC Water Hose Assemblies Series HS1317
Kuri Tec® K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose
Kuri Tec® POLYAIR® Multi-Purpose Air Hose Assemblies Series HS1134 & HS1136
Kuri Tec® POLYAIR® Series K1131, K1134, K1136 & K1138 Multi Purpose PVC Air & Water Hose
Kuri Tec® POLYSPRING® PVC Food & Beverage Vacuum Hose Series K7160
Kuri Tec® POLYWIRE® Plus PVC Wire-Yarn Reinforced Hose Series K7300
Kuri Tec® POLYWIRE® PVC Heavy Wall Food & Beverage Vacuum/Transfer Hose Series K7130
Kuri Tec® PVC Non-toxic Air Breathing Hose Series A1243
Kuri Tec® PVC/Polyurethane Reinforced Lawn & Pest Spray Hose Series A1661
Kuri Tec® SANI-CLEAR AM™ Tubing
Kuri Tec® Tundra-Air® Air & Water Hose Series K1232, K1234 & K1236
Kuri Tec® Tundra-Air® Air Hose Assemblies Series HS1234 & HS1236
Nautilus™ Weighted Aeration Tubing
Nylobrade® Braid Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing
Nylobrade® Push-On Hose
PVC Blue Opaque Tubing
PVC Colored Tubing
PVC Green Opaque Tubing
PVC Red Opaque Tubing
PVC Yellow Opaque Tubing
Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing with Polyester Braid
Rollerflex™ 1000 CL & GR Water Suction & Discharge Hose
Rollerflex™ 4000 Series PVC Food & Beverage Suction/Delivery Hose
Rollerflex™ 9000 Food, Beverage & Dairy Handling Hose
Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Metric PVC Clear Tubing
Versilon™ C-219-A Flexible PVC Tubing
Versilon™ NT-80™ Flexible Reinforced PVC Tubing
Versilon™ PTFE Tubing
Vinylflow® Lay Flat Discharge Hose
Excelon Laboratory Heavy Wall Vacuum Tubing
Excelon Laboratory Metric Tubing

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