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Quick Disconnect Couplings & Inserts
U.S. Plastic Corp.® is your source for quick disconnect couplings and inserts.  We carry many types and sizes of quick disconnect couplings and inserts including non-spill couplings, sub-miniature couplings and many more.
APC Series Acetal Quick Disconnects
AseptiQuik® Connectors
AseptiQuik® G Connectors
AseptiQuik® S Connectors
AseptiQuik® X Large Format 1" Connectors
Banjo® Dry Poppet Couplings
BQ45GL Series Bottle Caps
BreakAway™ Series
CPC™ NSH Non-Spill Couplings
CPC™ Puncture Seal Fittings
CQG Series Connectors
CQH Series Connectors
DPC Series Connectors
EFC Series Polypropylene Extra-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 12 Series Polypropylene High-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 35 Series Polysulfone High-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 39 Series Aseptic Quick Disconnects
HFC 57 Series UV Resistant Polysulfone High-Flow Quick Disconnects
LC Series Chrome Plated Brass Quick Disconnects
LQ2 Series Chrome-Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
LQ4 Series Chrome Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
LQ6 Series Chrome Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
MC Series Chrome Plated Brass Quick Disconnects
MPC Series Medical-Grade Quick Disconnects
MPC/MPX Back-to-Back Adapters
MPU Series Twist-To-Connect Couplings
MPX Medical - Grade Series
NS1 Series Couplings
NS212 Series Non-Spill Couplings
NS4 1/4" Flow Non-Spill Couplings
NS6 3/8" Flow Non-Spill Couplings
Parker® PF Series Non Spill Couplings
Parker® PPA Series Push Button Couplings
Parker® PPL Series Push Button Couplings
Parker® PPM Series Push Button Couplings
Parker® Spectrum™ Quick Couplings
Polyethylene Quick Disconnects
Quick Disconnect for Dissimilar Sizes
Qwik-Lok™ Quick Connect Fittings
SMC Series Polycarbonate Subminiature Couplings
SMC Series Subminiature Couplings
SnapQuik™ Connectors
Steam-Thru® II Connections
UDC Series Couplings

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