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Tamco® Tanks
U.S. Plastic Corp.® carries a large selection of American made Tamco® industrial strength tanks. Available in a variety of sizes, Tamco® offers rectangular, cylindrical, cone bottom and dome bottom tanks. The tanks can be custom fabricated to meet specific size requirements. Both in-stock tanks and custom made tanks can be modified with bulkhead fittings, bossweld fittings, baffles, holes, spigots and more. For a quote on a modified or custom sized tank, contact our quotes department at 1-800-335-6809 or email us your drawing at
Tamco® Flat Bottom Rectangular Tanks
Tamco® Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tanks with Internal Flanges & Spigots
Tamco® Lightweight Polyethylene Trays
Tamco® Lightweight Polypropylene Trays
Tamco® Polyethylene Trays with Spigots
Tamco® Polypropylene Trays
Tamco® Polypropylene Trays with Spigots
Tamco® Square Utility Tanks
Tamco® Vertical Tanks
Tamco® 30 & 55 Gallon Drum Covers
Tamco® Polyethylene Square Tanks with Covers
Tamco® Standard Weight Polyethylene Graduated Tanks with External Flanges
Tamco® Black Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tanks with Internal Flanges
Tamco® Cylindrical Polyethylene Heavy Duty Graduated Tanks
Tamco® Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tanks with Internal Flanges
Tamco® Domed Bottom Polyethylene Tanks
Tamco® Extra Heavy Wall Polyethylene Tanks
Tamco® Heavy Duty Cone Bottom Tanks
Tamco® Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tanks with External Flanges
Tamco® Molded Polyethylene Shallow Tanks
Tamco® One Piece Molded Polyethylene Tanks
Tamco® One-Piece Molded Polyethylene Crocks with Covers
Tamco® Polyethylene Cylindrical Tanks with Spigots
Tamco® Polyethylene Plating Tanks
Tamco® Polyethylene Short Storage Tanks
Tamco® Polyethylene Storage Tanks
Tamco® Polyethylene Tapered Tanks
Tamco® Polyethylene Trays
Tamco® Polypropylene High Temperature Rectangular Tanks
Tamco® Polypropylene High Temperature Cylindrical Tanks
Tamco® Polypropylene Printed Circuit Plating Cleaning Etching Tanks
Tamco® Portable Tank Or Drum Stand
Tamco® Dome Bottom Tank Stands
Tamco® Round Polyethylene Tanks with Covers
Tamco® Black Cylindrical Polyethylene Heavy Duty Tanks
Tamco® Sturdy Flat Bottom Tank Stands
Tamco® PVC Plating & Chemical Tanks

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