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Hayward® Valves
Hayward® valves are designed using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Their CAD system, linked to finite element software, provides accurate and essential stress analysis. Hayward® valves are designed to be strong - with material where it counts. Pressure and prolonged operation will not fatigue Hayward® valves. Thus, Hayward® provides years of maintenance-free service.
Hayward® Air Release Valve
Hayward® AV Series Angle Globe Valves
Hayward® BYV Series Butterfly Valves
Hayward® CS Series Corporation Stops
Hayward® DAB Series Diaphragm Valves
Hayward® DB Series Duplex Basket Strainers
Hayward® EATB Series Electric Actuator & True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® EAU Series Electric Actuator
Hayward® EAUTB Series Actuators & True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® FLV Series Simplex Bag Filters
Hayward® GG Series Gauge Guards
Hayward® HCBY Series PVC Butterfly Valves for Actuation
Hayward® HCLA Series PVC Three-Way Lateral Valves for Actuation
Hayward® HCTB Series True Union Ball Valves for Actuation
Hayward® HCTW Series PVC Three-Way Valves for Actuation
Hayward® IV Series Injection Valves & IQ Series Injection Quills
Hayward® LA Series Three-Way Lateral Ball Valves
Hayward® LHB Series Manual Limit Switch
Hayward® NVA Series Needle Valves
Hayward® PCD Series Pneumatic Actuators
Hayward® PMD Series Air-Air Pneumatic Actuator
Hayward® PMD4 Glass Filled Polypropylene Air to Air Pneumatic Actuators
Hayward® PMDTB & PMSTB Series Pneumatic Actuators & True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® PMS Series Pneumatic Actuator
Hayward® PMS4 Glass Filled Polypropylene Air to Spring Pneumatic Actuators
Hayward® PR Series Pressure Regulators
Hayward® QIC2™ Series Registered Ball Valves
Hayward® QVC Series Compact PVC Ball Valve
Hayward® RV Series Pressure Relief Valves
Hayward® SB Series Simplex Basket Strainers
Hayward® Stopcock Valve kit
Hayward® Sure-Tuff™ BYCS Series Butterfly Valves
Hayward® SV Series Solenoid Valves
Hayward® SW Series Swing Check Valves
Hayward® TB Series CPVC True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® TB Series GFPP True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® TB Series PVC True Union Ball Valves
Hayward® TB Series True Union Valve with Safe Lockouts
Hayward® TBZ Series True Union "Z-Ball" Valves for Sodium Hypochlorite
Hayward® TC Series CPVC True Union Ball Check Valves
Hayward® TC Series Polypropylene True Union Ball Check Valves
Hayward® TC Series PVC True Union Ball Check Valves
Hayward® TW Series 3-Way PVC True Union Valves
Hayward® WCV Series Wafer Check Valves
Hayward® YC Series True Union Y-Check Valves
Hayward® YC Series Y-Check Valves
Hayward® YS Series PVC & CPVC Standard & PVC True Union Y-Strainers

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