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6" PVC Drain Pipe
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This lightweight, self-extinguishing pipe is root free because the bonded joints have absolutely no gap where roots can creep in. It will not support combustion, but is corrosion proof, unharmed by water, sewage, brine, many acids and alkalies. Has low build-up of deposits. The smooth internal surface prevents harmful flow resistance. It is readily installed, with no special tools or skills needed. It is shock resistant and has no breakage in storage, installation or use. The crush strength is excellent and it is resistant to earth loading. Belled on one end. To connect, just brush cement on the OD of the pipe and into the ID of the fitting. Then quickly insert the pipe into the fitting and rotate one-quarter turn for a permanent bond. It is also used for underground conduit. 3000 lb crush strength. This pipe is low cost ASTM 2729 and is lightweight. Sold in 10 Foot Sections Only 10 feet is too long to ship UPS. Please note how you would like this cut. Pipe must be smaller then 8 feet to ship UPS. If you do not want the pipe cut we must ship via Motor Freight.

Note: This item must ship via motor freight.
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    Price: $2.61/Foot
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    Product Displayed: Solvent Weld PVC Plastic Sewer Drain Pipe
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