CPC™ Quick Disconnect Couplings & Inserts
U.S. Plastic carries a large selections of CPC™ products. CPC™ is a leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and tube connectors for life sciences, industrial and chemical handling markets. Used in a broad range of applications, connection technologies from CPC™ allow flexible tubing to be quickly and safely connected and disconnected, reducing spills and increasing safety. Connect with CPC™ for cleaner, faster, safer and smarter connections.
APC Series Acetal Quick Disconnects
AseptiQuik® Connectors
AseptiQuik® G Connectors
AseptiQuik® S Connectors
AseptiQuik® X Large Format 1" Connectors
BCF Bayonet Series Connectors
BQ45GL Series Bottle Caps
BreakAway™ Series
CPC™ NSH Non-Spill Couplings
CPC™ Puncture Seal Fittings
CQG Series Connectors
CQH Series Connectors
DPC Series Connectors
DrumQuik® PRO
DrumQuik® PUR
DrumQuik® UDA
DTLD Series Dual Flow Connectors
EFC Series Polypropylene Extra-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 12 Series Polypropylene High-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 35 Series Polysulfone High-Flow Quick Disconnects
HFC 39 Series Aseptic Quick Disconnects
HFC 57 Series UV Resistant Polysulfone High-Flow Quick Disconnects
LC Series Chrome Plated Brass Quick Disconnects
LQ2 Series Chrome-Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
LQ4 Series Chrome Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
LQ6 Series Chrome Plated Brass Connectors for Liquid Cooling
MC Series Chrome-Plated Brass Quick Disconnects
MPC Series Medical-Grade Quick Disconnects
MPC/MPX Back-to-Back Adapters
MPU Series Twist-To-Connect Couplings
MPX Medical - Grade Series
NS1 Series Couplings
NS212 Series Non-Spill Couplings
NS4 1/4" Flow Non-Spill Couplings
NS6 3/8" Flow Non-Spill Couplings
PLC Series Acetal & Polypropylene Quick Disconnects
PMC Series Acetal & Polypropylene Quick Disconnects
Replacement O-Rings for CPC™ Quick Disconnect Fittings
SMC Series Polycarbonate Subminiature Couplings
SMC Series Subminiature Couplings
SnapQuik™ Connectors
Steam-Thru® II Connections
UDC Series Couplings