Tilt Float Switch

Tilt float switches are the perfect solution for reliable and affordable level detection in large open vessels, water tanks, reservoirs, sumps, and ponds. The molded rubber float has an integrated three-conductor cable and operates on a micro-switch device that is located inside the float on an anti-vibration mount. The basic operating principle is that as the fluid level rises the float will rise, causing the micro-switch to tilt and generate a signal that can be used to start or stop a pump, open or close a valve, or actuate indicator alarms as required.

  • Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber floats
  • EPDM float is rigid & durable
  • EPDM float is heat, oxidation, ozone & weather-resistant
  • EPDM is a non-polar elastomer
  • Resistant to polar solvents such as water, acids, alkalies, & many ketones & alcohols
  • Low cost, easy installation & long service life
  • Versatile in application
  • Float travel is in an approximate ±45° arc from its nominal position
  • Provides 9.0" to 36.0" of level control
  • Wire length: 79"
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