Gorilla® Clear Repair

No other tape offers the clarity, strength, and durability of Gorilla Clear Repair! The ideal solution for almost any repair, Gorilla® Clear Repair, features the strength of Gorilla® Tape in a weatherproof, airtight, crystal clear tape.

  • Fix, patch, seal, hold & protect almost any surface
  • Crystal clear & won't yellow outdoors.
  • Has gorilla tape strength with & extra thick adhesive layer
  • Weatherproof, water, UV & temperature resistant
  • Sticks to smooth, rough & uneven surfaces
  • Easy to tear by hand with notched edge design
  • Airtight for patching smooth surfaces
  • Use on tough household repairs
  • Made in the USA
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Gorilla® Clear Repair Tape -  1.88" x 27
Item 39040
9.73/27' Roll
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9.73/27' Roll