Warps® Flex-O-Bags® Industrial Strength Trash Can Liners

These convenient large rolls of heavy industrial weight plastic bags come in handy dispenser boxes.

  • Includes hold-tite rubber band to secure bag to can top
  • Includes extra-long twist ties
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in full rolls only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
13 Gallon 1.25 mil White Trash Can Liners
$30.53/150 Bag Roll
Save 5%3+$29.00/150 Bag Roll
Save 10%6+$27.47/150 Bag Roll
Save 15%18+$25.95/150 Bag Roll
$30.53/150 Bag Roll
33 Gallon 1.5 mil Black Trash Can Liners
$38.21/100 Bag Roll
Save 5%3+$36.30/100 Bag Roll
Save 10%6+$34.38/100 Bag Roll
Save 15%18+$32.47/100 Bag Roll
$38.21/100 Bag Roll
55 Gallon 1.75 mil Black Trash Can Liners
$36.37/50 Bag Roll
Save 5%3+$34.55/50 Bag Roll
Save 10%6+$32.73/50 Bag Roll
Save 15%18+$30.91/50 Bag Roll
$36.37/50 Bag Roll

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