Poron® Microcellular Urethane Firm Foam Sheet

Microcellular Urethanes are versatile products that may be used in a range of products. It is ideal for battery pressure pads, copier feeder wheels, work glove cushioning, spring connectors, foam-backed tapes, RF shielding, toner seals, vibration mounts, motor mounts, PCB cushions, athletic padding, spacers, gaskets, appliances, stereo gaskets, and cushion pads.

  • Excellent compression set
  • Good shock absorption
  • Good vibration dampening
  • Has low outgassing
  • Has predictable deflection under load
  • 88530 – 88532 have a density of 20 lbs. per cu. ft.
  • 88533 – 88538 have a density of 15 lbs. per cu. ft.
  • Flame resistant to FMVSS-302
  • Brittleness temperature: -40°F
  • Maximum temperature: 194°F constant (250°F intermittent)
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.25" x 54" x 36" Black Firm Poron® Microcellular Urethane Foam Sheet
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$92.24 $64.57​/Sheet
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$92.24 $64.57​/Sheet

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