360° Spray Bottles

These 360° spray bottles are equipped with nozzles that rotate a full 360° and hold that position to spray in any direction. So now you can spray up, down, right, left, under, or over effortlessly.

  • HDPE bottle
  • Graduated in oz.
  • 28/400 thread finish
  • 1.3mL per stroke
  • Saves on product
  • Turning the nozzle eliminates the need to tilt bottle
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Sprayer included
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
16 oz. Spray Bottle with White & Clear 360° Sprayer
Save 5%48+$3.49/Each
Save 10%96+$3.31/Each
Save 15%288+$3.12/Each
32 oz. Spray Bottle with Green & White 360° Sprayer
Save 5%48+$5.44/Each
Save 10%96+$5.15/Each
Save 15%288+$4.87/Each