Ghost Glove 6.75 oz. Squeeze Tube

Ghost Glove creates a protective barrier between your hands and the work environment. It works by creating an invisible barrier between grime and your skin. This barrier keeps on working as long as you do. After you have completed your job the Ghost Glove barrier is released with water. Simply rinsing your hands in water will remove the Ghost Glove barrier and with it all the grime that was on your hands. Protects against: grime, dirt, grease, oil, brake dust, PVC cements and super glues.

  • All-natural and organic formulation
  • Contaminates are released from your hands with just water
  • Contains no harmful petroleum products or silicones
  • Non-allergenic it will not irritate skin even after repeated usage
  • Can be applied to hands, face & arms, staying effective until rinsed off
  • Dries quickly on your hands with no oily feel
  • Improves your grip
  • Will not protect against corrosive acids
  • No need for soaps or harsh hand cleaners to remove
  • Made in the USA
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Ghost Glove 6.75 oz. Squeeze Tube
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