Kuri Tec® K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose

The K-Tough 9000 Hose is a high-pressure wire-yarn reinforced vacuum and pressure hose. The heavy-duty construction results in a highly durable product, designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Clear food grade PVC core material
  • Galvanized steel wire reinforcement
  • High tensile polyester yarn reinforcement
  • Blue polyurethane cover material
  • High cycle strength
  • Resists damage from constant flex applications
  • Superior flexibility
  • More flexible than other similar hoses for ease of use
  • Temperature range: 25°F (-4°C) to 150°F (65°C)
  • Priced per foot, sold in 10' intervals. Standard length is 50'.
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1-1/2" ID x 2.03" OD K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose
Save 5%50+$11.51/Foot
Save 10%100+$10.91/Foot
Save 15%300+$10.30/Foot
3" ID x 3.54" OD K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose
Save 5%50+$24.20/Foot
Save 10%100+$22.92/Foot
Save 15%300+$21.65/Foot
2" ID x 2.59" OD K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose
Save 5%50+$17.07/Foot
Save 10%100+$16.17/Foot
Save 15%300+$15.27/Foot
2-1/2" ID x 3.04" OD K-Tough 9000 PVC Hose
Save 5%50+$19.10/Foot
Save 10%100+$18.09/Foot
Save 15%300+$17.09/Foot