Banjo® Clamps for Manifold Flange Connections

These clamps join two flanged connections that have a gasket seal in between them. These manifold flange connections allow you to replace or inspect fittings in seconds as opposed to time-consuming threaded liquid handling systems. Easy to use, there is no pipe thread installation, no chance of cross-threading, no pipe sealant, and no cure time needed.

  • Bolted clamps have Teflon® coated SS nut for heavy-duty use
  • Offers positive seals & are quick & easy to assemble
  • Versatile by nature of the connection
  • Easy to redesign & add pieces to the liquid system
  • Alleviates space constraints
  • Easy on/off hose connection & 360° orientation
  • Pressure rating: 150 psi (1" & 2") & 125 psi (3") @ 70°F