Flairosol Reusable Spray Bottle

Flairosol is a propellant-free, airless spray package with an aerosol-quality spray. It consists of a mechanical trigger-operated dispenser with a double-layered plastic bottle. It is airless and non-pressurized with no use of propellant gases, which requires no special filling, storage, or transport, resulting in lower supply chain cost. It works with aqueous and alcohol-based formulations (subject to testing), but will not work for high viscosities, solvent-based products, and formulations that dry quickly.

  • Polypropylene inner layer & PET outer layer
  • Polypropylene shroud & trigger
  • Polypropylene, PE, rubber & SS wetted parts
  • Airless & non-pressurized
  • Dispenses 1.25mL per 1 second of spray
  • Allows for 98% evacuation of product
  • Multiple pulls equal a continuous spray
  • Spray ends abruptly, no drips or leaks (pre-compression)
  • Neck finish: Bayonet, 4-lug
  • The trigger is long enough for two fingers to grip it
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10 oz. Translucent PET/Polypropylene Flairosol Reusable Spray Bottle with Black Sprayer
Item 67946
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