DrumQuik® PUR

DrumQuik® PUR is an easy-to-use product for extracting high purity chemicals from rigid containers (jerricans, drums, and IBCs) using standard pumps within a closed-system design. The integrated flare outlet fitting allows secure connections to chemical resistant tubing such as PFA or FEP. The system minimizes chemical exposure and promotes employee and environmental safety. DrumQuik® PUR is ideally suited to cost-sensitive one-way/single-use applications and can be disposed of, recycled along with the container, or reused with a new container. DrumQuik® PUR products are manufactured in a cleanroom and double bagged to maintain purity until ready for use.

  • Virgin polyethylene (HDPE) drum insert & dip-tube
  • Virgin PVDF coupler
  • Virgin PEEK UHP Spring (coupler only)
  • FKM or Simriz® UHP FFKM Perfluoroelastomer coupler seals
  • Polyolefin (POE) (EPDM or FKM) bung seals
  • Torque specifications: 2" Buttress: 20 in. lbs. & shipping plug: 15 in. lbs.
  • Allows faster container change-outs
  • Automatic shutoff valve stops flow when disconnected
  • Cleanroom manufactured assures a high level of purity
  • Disposable insert minimizes chemical exposure & contamination