Series PRH-U Ultra-Pure Pressure Regulators

The Series PRH-U regulators provide not only higher set pressures and flow capacities with each model, but these are achieved with less pressure loss than with similar size competitive regulators. The one-piece body construction and dual U-cup shaft seals help to eliminate internal leakage that could cause the set pressure to creep beyond a safe limit. This unique design, in conjunction with a balanced pressure shaft, assures smooth performance and stable control. Additional fittings, sizes, and materials are available, call us for a quote.

  • Machined-body constructed of Kynar® 740 PVDF
  • Metal-ion free EPDM
  • Non-rising, smooth-flow stem design
  • Features an 8-hour cold/8-hour hot DI rinse
  • Features a final Class 100 clean & double bag procedure
  • Maximum inlet pressures: 150 psi at 75°F
  • Maximum flow with minimal drop-off from set pressure
  • Converts inlet pressure to a stabilized, lower pre-set downstream pressure
  • Downstream pressure settings adjustable from 10 psi to 125 psi
  • The large surface area of its frictionless rolling diaphragm provides exceptional sensitivity