Series RVDT PTFE Diaphragm Back Pressure Valves

erThis one valve design functions as an all-purpose back-pressure valve in many applications. Relief: protects systems and equipment from overpressure/pressure surges. By-Pass: prevents pumps from "dead heading." Back-Pressure Regulator: maintains necessary reverse pressure in closed-loop systems. Back-Pressure valve: enhance pump performance by preserving back-pressure on the pump outlet. Anti-Siphon: used on the outlet of a pump where gravity or other downstream conditions may create negative pressure (siphon) and drain a tank. The valve is pre-set to open under pump pressure but closes bubble-tight when the pump is shut off. Because of the design of the RVDT, this valve closes tighter when unwanted siphoning occurs. Additional sizes and materials are available, call us for a quote.

  • Natural polypropylene
  • PTFE diaphragm
  • Relief setting is adjustable from 5 psi to 125 psi
  • Maximum inlet pressure is 150 psi
  • Precision machined with FNPT connections
  • Excellent for use with highly aggressive liquids
  • The large-diaphragm area delivers more sensitivity & less pressure drop
  • Non-leaching diaphragm makes it ideal for use with ultra-pure water
  • Assembled valves are 100% individually tested