Dispenz-R Cans & Closures

These Dispenz-R canisters & tops are an excellent choice for your dry good packaging needs. Use the detent top on 80836 for everything from spices and seasoning to glitter and use the friction top on 80837 for larger granules or products that clump easily in smaller openings.

  • Clarified polypropylene canisters
  • Openings are sealed
  • Rotors on the tops have a tamper-evident design
  • Detent top has 3/32" holes & pour spout, for use on 80836 only
  • Friction top has a 3-screen opening & pour spout, for use on 80837 only
  • Detent top allows stacking
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Closures sold separately
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1.25 oz. Clarified Polypropylene Canister (Closure Sold Separately)
Save 5%300+$0.152/Each
Save 10%600+$0.144/Each
Save 15%1800+$0.136/Each
6 oz. Clarified Polypropylene Canister (Closure Sold Separately)
Save 5%300+$0.24/Each
Save 10%600+$0.23/Each
Save 15%1800+$0.21/Each
1-5/8" 3/32" Hole Rotor Detent Top Closure for 80836
Save 5%300+$0.124/Each
Save 10%600+$0.117/Each
Save 15%1800+$0.111/Each
1-7/8" 3 Screen Rotor Friction Top Closure for 80837
Save 5%300+$0.133/Each
Save 10%600+$0.126/Each
Save 15%1800+$0.119/Each