LEWISBins+® Bakery Trays

Bun and bread basket tray systems are designed for the efficient flow of bread and baked goods throughout the supply chain...from the bakery to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, restaurants and convenience stores. Automation compatible features. 2 & 4-way blade entry. Fully recyclable at the end of their service life.

  • Bread trays have a 27" x 22" footprint
  • Single layer bun trays have a 26" x 22" footprint
  • Exceptional merchandising efficiency
  • When full, stack securely for easy transport
  • Cross-stack & nest efficiently for return trip & storage
  • Sidepost sidewalls
  • Comfort grip open handles
  • Smooth surfaces & contoured corners prevent product damage
  • Rail & groove design facilitates blind stacking
  • Reinforced corners
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
26" x 22" Black Single Bun Basket with Foot Insert
Save 5%6+$15.04/Each
Save 10%12+$14.25/Each
Save 15%36+$13.46/Each
26" x 22" Black Double Bun Basket with Foot Insert
Save 5%6+$15.16/Each
Save 10%12+$14.36/Each
Save 15%36+$13.57/Each
26" x 22" Blue Bread Basket with Standard Sides
Save 5%6+$16.36/Each
Save 10%12+$15.50/Each
Save 15%36+$14.64/Each
26" x 22" Black Bread Basket with Standard Sides
Save 5%6+$16.63/Each
Save 10%12+$15.76/Each
Save 15%36+$14.88/Each