Zerust® ICT® Poly VCI Film Tubing

Zerust®/Excor® ICT® VCI tubing provides convenient and proven protection against corrosion damage for metals in shipping and storage. Zerust® tubing diffuses Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors to protect metal components, machined parts, engines, molds, and more from rust and corrosion. Safe for people; this product does not pose a health hazard to users due to its classification as an article according to EU REACH, UN GHS, US OSHA HazCom, and CA WHIMS regulations. Zerust® VCI chemistry is safe for sensitive electronics. No galvanic effects, residues, or changes in the properties of metals. The protective molecules dissipate upon the opening of the package.

  • Polyethylene impregnated with volatile corrosion inhibitors
  • Protects ferrous metals
  • Protects clean metals for years when used correctly
  • Store in original packaging away from direct sunlight
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Yellow in color
  • 4 mils thick
  • Recyclable
  • Sold in full rolls only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
4" x 1500
$116.44​/1500' Roll
Save 5%2+$110.61/1500' Roll
Save 10%4+$104.79/1500' Roll
Save 15%12+$98.97/1500' Roll
$116.44​/1500' Roll
6" x 500
$56.88​/500' Roll
Save 5%2+$54.03/500' Roll
Save 10%4+$51.19/500' Roll
Save 15%12+$48.34/500' Roll
$56.88​/500' Roll
8" x 500
$68.15​/500' Roll
Save 5%2+$64.74/500' Roll
Save 10%4+$61.33/500' Roll
Save 15%12+$57.92/500' Roll
$68.15​/500' Roll
12" x 1000
$163.12​/1000' Roll
Save 5%2+$154.96/1000' Roll
Save 10%4+$146.80/1000' Roll
Save 15%12+$138.65/1000' Roll
$163.12​/1000' Roll

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