Paragon Spice Jars

These unique plastic bottles have decorative angles for shelf appeal, but a rectangular bottom makes it easy to stack and pack. They also have a wide mouth opening, which is ideal for putting dry products in packaging such as powders and spices. A measuring spoon will fit.

  • PET
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Caps sold separately
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
16 oz. Clear Paragon Spice Jar with 53mm Neck  (Cap Sold Separately)
Save 5%100+$0.91/Each
Save 10%200+$0.86/Each
Save 15%600+$0.81/Each
32 oz. Clear Paragon Spice Jar with 63mm Neck  (Cap Sold Separately)
Save 5%100+$1.29/Each
Save 10%200+$1.22/Each
Save 15%600+$1.15/Each