Round Microcentrifuge Floating Racks

With these round floating lab tube racks, tubes remain completely immersed while the tops rest above the racks.

  • Polypropylene
  • Fit 400mL and 1000mL beakers respectively
  • 8 or 20 place racks with 10.8mm holes for 1.5mL micro-tubes
  • Racks are 6.4mm (1/4") thick with 19mm (3/4") long legs & a center handle
  • Release tubes by lightly pressing down against the bench until the legs touch
  • #84296 has 8 places with an outer diameter of 2-5/8" & fits a 400mL beaker
  • #84297 has 20 places with an outer diameter of 3-3/4" & fits a 1000mL beaker
  • Steam autoclavable
  • Sold in full packages only
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Microcentrifuge Floating Rack with 8 Places for 400mL Beakers
$27.12​/Pkg. of 4
Save 5%4+$25.76/Pkg. of 4
Save 10%8+$24.40/Pkg. of 4
Save 15%24+$23.05/Pkg. of 4
$27.12​/Pkg. of 4
In Stock
Microcentrifuge Floating Rack with 20 Places for 1000mL Beakers
$31.08​/Pkg. of 4
Save 5%4+$29.52/Pkg. of 4
Save 10%8+$27.97/Pkg. of 4
Save 15%24+$26.41/Pkg. of 4
$31.08​/Pkg. of 4
In Stock

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