Diamond PRO Adjustable Volume Pipettor Combo Pack

The Diamond PRO Pipettors are designed with super soft, thermoplastic, elastomer grips that minimize fatigue of the hands and fingers. Their unique padding not only reduces thumb stress, but it also minimizes the transfer of body heat to the pipette, ensuring consistent accuracy. Also, the two-step plunger operation allows both forward and reverse pipetting techniques.

  • 0.5-10uL, 2-20uL, 20-200uL, & 100-1000uL Diamond PRO adjustable volume pipettors
  • 10uL, 20uL, 200uL, 1250uL racked tips
  • One 4-place stand
  • Ergonomic & lightweight
  • High accuracy
  • Streamlined tip ejector to access narrow containers & tubes
  • Autoclavable tip cone
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Diamond PRO Adjustable Volume Pipettor Combo Pack
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