Lip Stick Tube with Cap

The elevator locking mechanism on this lipstick tube assures a down elevator position for filling efficiency. The propel/repel function is positive and reliable because of a thread on both the screw and elevator; this design prevents slippage, spinning, and cross-threading. The carefully calculated volume accepts 1.98 grams. Custom color-matching on any of the lip balm components is available upon request; contact us for a quote.

  • White polypropylene
  • High gloss surface finish
  • Application end of tube has a slant tip
  • Propel/repel function is positive & reliable
  • Small radius edge & flattop cap provide a sharp appearance
  • Favorable cosmetic appearance & label retention
  • "Snap retention" cap guarantees a secure fit
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0.07 oz. White Lip Stick Tube with Cap
Item 83958
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