Chemware® Evaporating Dishes

The Chemware® evaporating dish can be used to concentrate a solution or to create solid precipitates. The flat bottom provides good surface contact with a heat source, while the non-stick angled walls direct fluids to the base, which limits condensation on the dish wall. These dishes feature a broad spout for easy pouring and can be used for biotechnology, chemical processing, dairy/food & beverage, environmental, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.

  • PFA or PTFE
  • Flat bottom
  • PTFE can be used as a shallow bath, drying dish or beaker cover
  • Chemically inert
  • Ideal for ultra-pure samples
  • PFA is autoclavable
  • PFA Max. temperature: 500°F
  • PTFE Max. temperature 550°F
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100mL Chemware® PFA Evaporating Dishes
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Save 10%8+$34.80/Each
Save 15%24+$32.87/Each
100mL Chemware® PTFE Evaporating Dishes
Save 5%4+$33.33/Each
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Save 15%24+$29.82/Each