Disposable Desiccant Cartridge

Useful anywhere desiccation is needed, these cartridges contain inert, non-corrosive, and non-toxic silica gel. They fit Space Saver desiccators, in addition to other plastic desiccators of similar size. The desiccant can be easily regenerated by heating cartridges in a 122°F oven overnight. For more rapid drying, cut the membrane, transfer the spent gel crystals into a glass or porcelain dish, and place it in a 300°F oven for one hour.

  • Silica gel
  • Changes in color from blue to pale pink as it absorbs moisture
  • A highly porous membrane covers the dish providing excellent moisture absorption
  • Individually foil sealed
  • Sold in full packs of 6 only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
6.5cm Disposable Desiccant Cartridge - Pack of 6
$70.60/Pack of 6
Save 5%2+$67.07/Pack of 6
Save 10%4+$63.54/Pack of 6
Save 15%12+$60.01/Pack of 6
$70.60/Pack of 6
10cm Disposable Desiccant Cartridge - Pack of 6
$88.10/Pack of 6
Save 5%2+$83.70/Pack of 6
Save 10%4+$79.29/Pack of 6
Save 15%12+$74.89/Pack of 6
$88.10/Pack of 6
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