PET Pinch Waist Packers

These PET pinch waist packers feature a wide 53mm neck across all four sizes, and the packers are ideal for everything from snacks to spices and from powders to supplements. These packers are suitable for any product that requires child-resistant packaging, including pharmaceutical packaging, iron supplements, medicines, and other OTC products. The neck threads are also deep enough to accept a CRC closure to meet Canadian packaging guidelines. The sleek tapered waist sets your product apart on retail shelves and works particularly well with full-body shrink sleeves.

  • Clear PET packer
  • Choose between packer with CRC cap, packer with plain cap, or packer only
  • Caps are white polypropylene
  • CRC caps are unlined
  • Plain caps have PS22 liner
  • Pinch waist
  • Deep neck threads
  • Meets FDA standards
  • 69665 & 69666 are packers only; Caps sold separately