Extended Core Stretch Film

Extended core stretch film is ready to use directly out of the box and doesn't require separate dispensers, handles, or a machine. This easy-to-use stretch film is manufactured with an elongated or extended cardboard core, which acts as a ready-to-use handle for each roll. The extended core films come with a 5” handle on both sides, making them ideal for portable packaging needs and great for tight or crowded workspaces where machines cannot easily fit or reach.

  • LDPE
  • Built-in, sturdy handles
  • Does not require additional equipment
  • Durable & resistant to tears
  • 1" ID extended core
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 120°C
  • Sold per case of 4 only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
70 Gauge 20" x 1000
$99.76/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$94.77/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$89.78/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$84.79/Case of 4
$99.76/Case of 4
80 Gauge 20" x 1000
$118.63/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$112.69/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$106.76/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$100.83/Case of 4
$118.63/Case of 4

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