Economy Centrifuge Bottles

These rugged polypropylene centrifuge bottles are suitable for low to moderate speed centrifugation when filled to 80% of their nominal capacity. Bottles are molded with a consistent wall thickness for excellent performance and have excellent chemical resistance.

  • Polypropylene bottle & cap
  • Cap with internal seal ring for leakproof closure
  • Consistent wall thickness for low to moderate speed centrifugation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Must be filled to 80% of volume for proper performance: 27500 x g for 250mL & 4800 x g for 500mL
  • Reusable
  • Autoclavable at 121°C
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
250mL Polypropylene Centrifuge Bottle
Save 5%8+$15.56/Each
Save 10%16+$14.74/Each
Save 15%48+$13.92/Each
500mL Polypropylene Centrifuge Bottle
Save 5%8+$17.97/Each
Save 10%16+$17.03/Each
Save 15%48+$16.08/Each