Oakridge Style Centrifuge Tubes

These Oakridge-style centrifuge tubes are the economic choice for high speed refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifugation. Molded from durable chemical-resistant polypropylene, the tubes have round bottoms and consistent wall thicknesses, which is good for centrifugation at up to 50,000g when filled to 80% of their nominal capacity.

  • Polypropylene bottle & cap
  • Screwcap with integrated seal ring for leakproof closure
  • Round bottoms fit high-speed centrifuge rotors
  • Consistent wall thickness for high speed refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifugation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Reusable
  • Autoclavable at 121°C
  • Must be filled to 80% of volume for the proper performance
  • Cap is included
  • Sold in full cases only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
10mL Centrifuge Tubes with Caps
$228.52​/Case of 72
Save 5%2+$217.09/Case of 72
Save 10%4+$205.66/Case of 72
Save 15%12+$194.24/Case of 72
$228.52​/Case of 72
30mL Centrifuge Tubes with Caps
$266.02​/Case of 72
Save 5%2+$252.71/Case of 72
Save 10%4+$239.41/Case of 72
Save 15%12+$226.11/Case of 72
$266.02​/Case of 72
50mL Centrifuge Tubes with Caps
$324.45​/Case of 72
Save 5%2+$308.22/Case of 72
Save 10%4+$292.00/Case of 72
Save 15%12+$275.78/Case of 72
$324.45​/Case of 72
70mL Centrifuge Tubes with Caps
$378.80​/Case of 72
Save 5%2+$359.86/Case of 72
Save 10%4+$340.92/Case of 72
Save 15%12+$321.98/Case of 72
$378.80​/Case of 72