Hand Stretch Blown Film

This wrap not only gives you a high level of cling for content stability, but it also produces less manufacturing scrap. Blown stretch wrap is extremely durable and provides maximum toughness for wrapping and protecting contents from dirt, moisture, theft, and more. Polyethylene construction provides strength, puncture, and tear resistance; and is ideal for irregularly shaped boxes and sharp edges in heavy-duty working environments. The clear color finish allows high visibility for accessible inventory and content identification. The aggressive cling adheres only to itself and leaves no sticky residue.

  • Blend of 100% virgin LLDPE
  • Contains no color additives
  • Store at temperatures less than 120°F
  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight
  • 5-10 year shelf life when properly stored
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Sold in full cases only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
65 Gauge 16" x 1500
$55.13​/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$52.37/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$49.61/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$46.86/Case of 4
$55.13​/Case of 4
65 Gauge 18" x 1500
$45.62​/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$43.33/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$41.05/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$38.77/Case of 4
$45.62​/Case of 4
79 Gauge 12" x 1500
$50.26​/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$47.74/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$45.23/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$42.72/Case of 4
$50.26​/Case of 4
79 Gauge 15" x 1500
$56.54​/Case of 4
Save 5%2+$53.71/Case of 4
Save 10%4+$50.88/Case of 4
Save 15%12+$48.05/Case of 4
$56.54​/Case of 4

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