Polycarbonate Culture Tubes with Caps

These optically clear polycarbonate tubes are durable and a safer alternative to glass. They are ideal for the production of terminally sterilized products. The tubes have a flat bottom and are ideal for large-scale production culture media using automated or manual filling systems. Leakproof caps provide security during handling and transportation.

  • Polycarbonate tubes
  • Polypropylene caps
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Maintain excellent pH control
  • Leakproof with caps
  • Non-sterile
  • Autoclavable; excellent strength for repeated use
  • Temperature range: -125°C to 125°C
  • Sold in full packages only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
8cc Polycarbonate Culture Tubes with 13/415 Caps
$94.79/Package of 250
Save 5%6+$90.05/Package of 250
Save 10%12+$85.31/Package of 250
Save 15%36+$80.57/Package of 250
$94.79/Package of 250
11cc Polycarbonate Culture Tubes with 13/415 Caps
$121.99/Package of 286
Save 5%6+$115.89/Package of 286
Save 10%12+$109.79/Package of 286
Save 15%36+$103.69/Package of 286
$121.99/Package of 286
15cc Polycarbonate Culture Tubes with 13/415 Caps
$113.74/Package of 200
Save 5%6+$108.05/Package of 200
Save 10%12+$102.36/Package of 200
Save 15%36+$96.67/Package of 200
$113.74/Package of 200
26cc Polycarbonate Culture Tubes with 20/415 Caps
$95.97/Package of 150
Save 5%6+$91.17/Package of 150
Save 10%12+$86.37/Package of 150
Save 15%36+$81.57/Package of 150
$95.97/Package of 150