Accuris™ Class E2 Calibration Weight Set

Our Premium Class E2 weight set is ideal for calibration of analytical balances with a 0.0001g readability. Precision manufactured from high purity, 316 stainless steel (7.96kg/dm³), these weights are corrosion resistant with magnetic susceptibility <0.005. The set includes six weights, 1x100mg, 1x10g, 2x20g, 1x50g, 1x100g, for checking repeatability, corner load, linearity, and span.

  • Cylindrical weights are marked with their nominal value
  • Weight set comes with a protective case with tweezers, cleaning cloth, & certificate of verification
  • Meets OIML regulations & tolerances for the specific weight class
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Set of 6 Accuris™ Class E2 Calibration Weights
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