SharkBite® PEX Pipe

SharkBite® PEX-b Pipe is a silane cross-linked polyethylene pipe for use in hot and cold plumbing installations in residential or commercial applications. Its excellent flexibility reduces the number of fittings needed to complete jobs, saving on overall cost, and reducing leak points. PEX pipe is freeze-resistant and can expand if frozen; it will contract back to its original form when thawed. It is not freeze-proof; PEX should be insulated to prevent freezing. PEX is approved for potable water plumbing systems, water service lines, and burial applications. Used with push-to-connect, residential multipurpose fire sprinkler systems, and installation in supply or return plenum. SharkBite® PEX Pipe can also be used in a variety of applications including domestic plumbing, fire suppression systems (residential fire sprinklers), municipal water service pipe for use in underground applications, radiant heating systems for suspended floor systems or in slab construction, snow and ice melt systems for sidewalks, driveways, entrances, and ramps, turf conditioning for greenhouses, golf courses, and sports fields, water reuse, and reclamations systems.

  • Cross-linked polyethylene
  • Suitable for potable water & residential fire suppression
  • Highest-rated chlorine resistance & rated to recirculate hot water at 140°F continuously
  • Six months of UV resistance
  • Insertion depth markings
  • Pressure rating @ 200°F: 80 psi
  • Meets ASTM F876/F877/E84, CSA B137.5, UL 1821, CAN/ULC S102.2 & AWWA C904
  • NSF 61 & 14 listed
  • Sold in full rolls