Leaktite® 5 Gallon Buckets

These buckets are made from durable plastic. They are ideal for outdoor recreational, paint mixing, topsoil hauling, storage, and much more. 17866 prominently features a camouflage design. The Realtree® APG bucket pattern is lighter, more open, neutral-toned, and more contrast than the competition. It's ideal for hunting camo.

  • HDPE
  • Sturdy wire bail
  • Thickness: 70 mil
  • Priced per bucket, sold in intervals of 20 only
  • Lids sold separately
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
Leaktite® Camouflage Green 5 Gallon Bucket
Save 5%40+$6.94/Each
Save 10%80+$6.57/Each
Save 15%240+$6.21/Each
Leaktite® Realtree® APG Green 5 Gallon Bucket
Save 5%40+$8.73/Each
Save 10%80+$8.27/Each
Save 15%240+$7.81/Each
Leaktite® Black Padded Seat Bucket Lid - Case of 12
Save 5%2+$107.67/Each
Save 10%4+$102.01/Each
Save 15%12+$96.34/Each