Natural Gas Bunsen Burners

Bunsen burners use a safe, continuous stream of flammable gas to heat, sterilize, and sanitize in laboratory settings. These burners jetted for natural gas are made of an extended cast iron base, which prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected. The burner feet are spaced on all four corners to create extra stability and allow the burner to fit comfortably under lab stands. Each burner is equipped with a sturdy "candlestick holder" handle, which is an improved safety feature that allows the user to move the burner without being harmed.

  • Cast iron base
  • Casted, ribbed fuel input tube
  • Cast "candlestick holder" handle safety feature
  • Jetted for natural gas
  • Base dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25"
  • Fuel input tube 8mm OD
  • Hose for Bunsen burners sold separately