Sterileware® Cross-Sectional Liquid Samplers

Sterileware® Cross-Sectional Liquid Samplers provide a simple solution for the cross-sectional sampling of both liquids and light creams. These single-use, disposable tools eliminate the risk of introducing contaminants from repeated use, ensuring consistent results. The liquid samplers are available in two convenient lengths: a shorter 450mm sampler for smaller containers and a longer 1100mm sampler, which is ideal for 55 gallons drums. The integrated valve of this sterile tool closes as it is pushed against a container bottom, securing the sample for withdrawal. Pour the specimen from the top of the tool into your sample container.

  • HDPE
  • Diameter allows for use through drum bunghole or other small openings
  • Reach the bottom of the container while keeping your hand clear of the container's top
  • Individually bagged
  • Gamma irradiated sterile to 10-6 SAL
  • Lot stamped for accurate tracing; shipped with a Certificate of Processing for Sterilization
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Sterile items are non-returnable
  • Sold in full packages only
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17-3/4" Sterileware® Liquid Samplers - Pack of 20
Item 84575
272.83/Pkg. of 20
272.83/Pkg. of 20
43-1/4" Sterileware® Liquid Samplers - Pack of 20
Item 84576
290/Pkg. of 20
290/Pkg. of 20