durAstatic® Dissipative Wash Bottles

These wash bottles with long-lasting dissipative properties are used to hold water to moisten sponges at soldering stations and to hold cleaning agents or similar liquids. Excellent for ESD workstations, the bottles with a swan neck spout are safe around static-sensitive components. They contain no migratory additives, reducing the chance of contamination from the bottle. Available with or without printed labels; available labels are "DI Water" and "Isopropanol."

  • LDPE bottle
  • No migratory additives
  • Embossed with ESD protective symbol
  • Long-lasting dissipative properties
  • Printed bottles eliminate need for additional labels
  • Volume Resistance: 1 x 104 ohms to < 1 x 1011 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM11.12