Universal 5-in-1 Safety Exhaust Couplers™

This coupler is designed to remain connected to the plug until downstream air is completely bled off. This reduces the possibility of injury to nearby personnel or damage to surrounding equipment from a whipping hose that was disconnected while pressurized air was still in the line. These couplers also eliminate the guesswork and inconvenience of matching interchanges, as they universally fit Industrial, Automotive, Euro/Megaflow®, ARO, and Lincoln interchanges. To connect, the plug is easily inserted into the coupler under zero pressure, and the black sleeve is pulled to start airflow. To vent, the black sleeve is pushed up to stop airflow and safely vent downstream pressure. To fully disconnect, the silver ring is pushed up. Note: A lead-in hose is strongly recommended to lengthen the coupler's life if installed directly onto a tool or for high-vibration applications.

  • Chrome-plated steel & aluminum body
  • Easily connects under zero pressure
  • Safely vents & disconnects without hose whip
  • Designed to be installed onto a drop or workbench
  • For Industrial, Automotive, Euro/Megaflow®, ARO & Lincoln interchanges