Lutz® Seal-Less B70 V-SR High Viscosity Air Drive Drum Pump

The B70 V-SR High Viscosity Pump is a progressive cavity pump for sensitive and high viscosity liquids from drums and other containers. Can be used for pumping plastic dispersions, varnishes, paints, greases, sludges, particulates, washing agents, shampoos, soap solutions, whey, jams, etc.

  • 316 SS tube & shaft
  • EFTE impeller
  • PTFE stators & PTFE filled fabric stuffing box
  • MD-2 (Ex) Air Motor comes with carrying handle & features press-bar as the on/off switch
  • For potentially explosive atmospheres (Protection class in accordance with standard EN 50 014)
  • Speed reducer regulates motor speed down to approx 690 RPM
  • 2" intake tube & a 1-1/4" hose connection discharge
  • Wetted parts meet FDA standards
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39" Air Drive B70 V-SR High Viscosity Pump
39" Air Drive B70 V-SR High Viscosity Pump
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