Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Stopcock

These stopcocks are vacuum-tight, yet cannot stick and will not freeze.

  • Polypropylene with low-friction, Teflon® TFE plug
  • Stopcocks are vacuum tight
  • Will not stick or freeze
  • Plug bore 2mm & 4mm
  • No lubricant needed, so no lubricant contamination
  • Serrated tubulation for 1/4" to 5/16" tubing
  • Autoclavable
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
Nalgene™ Stopcock with 2mm Bore
Save 5%2+$70.61/Each
Save 10%4+$66.89/Each
Save 15%12+$63.18/Each
Nalgene™ Stopcock with 4mm Bore
Save 5%2+$67.87/Each
Save 10%4+$64.30/Each
Save 15%12+$60.73/Each

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