PTFE Gasket & Valve Packing Material

This material seals nearly everything.

  • Specially formulated PTFE sealing agent withstands vibrations
  • Practically no liquid or gas service limitations
  • Versatile & an ideal replacement gasket
  • 500 psi for general conditions
  • zip joint will withstand pressure as high as 1500 psi under favorable conditions
  • Spreads under compression & conforms to almost any shape
  • Temperatures range: -400°F to 500°F (-240°C to 260°C)
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
3/32" x 25
Save 5%3+$23.32/Each
Save 10%6+$22.10/Each
Save 15%18+$20.87/Each
5/32" x 25
Save 5%3+$46.33/Each
Save 10%6+$43.89/Each
Save 15%18+$41.45/Each