Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Super Absorbent Versi-dry® Lab Soakers

Thousands of Thirsty Cells™ quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware.

  • Paper with polyethylene backers
  • Absorbs 1,050mL/sq. meter
  • Durable cloth-like top layer won't fall apart
  • Can be used as a floor soaker
  • Use as a tray, drawer/shelf liner, or to wipe up spills
  • Skid-resistant, waterproof & chemical-resistant
  • Sold in full cases only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
20" x 43" Nalgene™ Super Absorbent Versi-dry® Lab Soakers Mats
$483.75​/Case of 150
Save 5%2+$459.56/Case of 150
Save 10%4+$435.37/Case of 150
Save 15%12+$411.18/Case of 150
$483.75​/Case of 150
20"W x 250
Save 5%2+$169.48/Roll
Save 10%4+$160.56/Roll
Save 15%12+$151.64/Roll

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