Neutralization & Dilution Tanks

Neutralization tanks are designed to receive, dilute, and neutralize corrosive and harmful chemical wastes before allowing such material to be discharged into the public sewers or the environment. Neutralization of corrosive, toxic, and flammable wastes is necessary for the environment and piping systems. Such debris can cause physical damage to a building's piping or outside sewer systems, and if the effluent is being discharged to the environment, severe damage to wildlife and water sources can result. Note: Tanks can be special ordered in sizes up to 2,400 gallons. Limestone chips are being used in numerous applications to help neutralize chemical bearing wastes. It is recommended that the limestone chips be one to three inches in a diameter size range and have a calcium carbonate content over 90%. In commercial and industrial laboratories, the number of lab stations in the table should be divided by two. See chart for recommended limestone usage.

  • HDPE conforming to ASTM D1248
  • Seamless with a uniform wall thickness
  • Free of stresses
  • Maximum temperature: 180°F (212°F intermittent)
  • Covers are included