Cylinder Pallet Rack

Hinged dividers provide convenient access to individual cylinders from either side.

  • Holds 4 to 8 - 9" diameter cylinders
  • Secures cylinders in place
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
Eight Capacity Cylinder Pallet Rack
Save 3%2+$579.70/Each
Save 6%4+$561.77/Each
Save 10%12+$537.86/Each
Internet Only
Four Capacity Cylinder Pallet Rack
Save 3%2+$435.23/Each
Save 6%4+$421.77/Each
Save 10%12+$403.83/Each
Internet Only
Six Capacity Cylinder Pallet Rack
Save 3%2+$536.57/Each
Save 6%4+$519.98/Each
Save 10%12+$497.85/Each
Internet Only

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