Sterileware® Scoop an' Bag™ Sampler

This system includes a sterile 60mL (2oz.) sampling scoop and sterile polyethylene bag to hold the sample, both sealed together in a polyethylene bag. The scoop is designed to remain upright when filled or empty, allowing them to be used as a weighing boat or to be placed on a flat surface.

  • Polystyrene scoop
  • Every package is lot traceable
  • Long handle keeps hand away from samples
  • Facilitates sampling from wide mouth containers
  • Remains upright when filled or empty
  • Packed ready for one-time use & disposal
  • Sterile, individually wrapped scoops
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Sold in full cases of 50 only
  • Sterile items are non-returnable
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
2 oz. Scoop an
$107.67​/Case of 50
Save 5%2+$102.28/Case of 50
Save 10%4+$96.90/Case of 50
Save 15%12+$91.52/Case of 50
Internet Only
$107.67​/Case of 50

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