311N Series Butterfly Valves

The 311N Series Butterfly valves are ideal for use as throttling valves. With the 10-position index plate, it is easy to repeat consistent flow conditions. Compact in design, this valve is used when space is at a premium.

  • PVC body
  • EPDM liner & O-rings
  • 316 Stainless steel index plate & hardware
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant coated metal handle
  • 100% bubble-tight seal
  • Integral boot seal (flange gaskets not required)
  • Bolt sets include bolts, washers & nuts sized to accomodate butterfly valve & 2 PVC flanges
  • PVC disc with optimized strength/Cv performance
  • Pressure rating: 150 psi @ 70°F
  • Maximum temperature: 140°F
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
3" PVC Butterfly Valve
Save 5%2+$203.40/Each
Save 10%4+$192.69/Each
Save 15%12+$181.99/Each
4" PVC Butterfly Valve
Save 5%2+$238.68/Each
Save 10%4+$226.12/Each
Save 15%12+$213.56/Each
6" PVC Butterfly Valve
Save 5%2+$361.14/Each
Save 10%4+$342.13/Each
Save 15%12+$323.12/Each

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