Digital Fluid-Trac™

The drum level gauge is a cost-competitive, non-contact continuous liquid level drum gauge. Designed for use on vertical drums (= 32" depths) storing a wide variety of media such as water, wastewater, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, and diesel fuel. It uses ultrasonic technology to generate a high-frequency sound wave and measures the time for the echo to reflect off the target fluid's surface and return. Distance from the Digital Fluid-Trac's sensor to the liquid is calculated based on the speed of sound.

  • Use with standard 15, 30 & 55 gallon drums
  • Not intended for use with gasoline
  • LCD displays level pictorially & in gallons (can switch to liter)
  • Level automatically updates every 15 minutes & manually refreshes by pressing the on/off button
  • Accurate to 1 gallon (+/- 0.5 gallon)
  • Powered by two 9 volt batteries (not included) & if battery is low, "LoB "will continuously flash
  • Works well on ANSI MH2 standard 55 gallon drums
  • Mates with closed-head standardized bungholes
  • Mounts on top of drum with 2" NPT connector & a 3/4" NPT threaded adapter is included
  • Must be mounted perpendicular to liquid & drum kept upright
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Digital Fluid-Trac™
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