Stor-Keeper Containers with Lids

Stor-Keeper containers are safe for use in the freezer, as well as being safe for microwave defrosting and reheating.

  • HDPE containers
  • LDPE lids
  • Melting point: 239°F to 266°F
  • Sold in packages only
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1 Pint Stor-Keeper with Lid
$3.09/Pkg. of 5 Sets
Save 5%36+$2.93/Pkg. of 5 Sets
Save 10%72+$2.78/Pkg. of 5 Sets
Save 15%216+$2.62/Pkg. of 5 Sets
$3.09/Pkg. of 5 Sets
1 Quart Stor-Keeper with Lid
$3.09/Pkg. of 3 Sets
Save 5%36+$2.93/Pkg. of 3 Sets
Save 10%72+$2.78/Pkg. of 3 Sets
Save 15%216+$2.62/Pkg. of 3 Sets
$3.09/Pkg. of 3 Sets
1-1/2 Pint Stor-Keeper with Lid
$3.09/Pkg. of 4 Sets
Save 5%36+$2.93/Pkg. of 4 Sets
Save 10%72+$2.78/Pkg. of 4 Sets
Save 15%216+$2.62/Pkg. of 4 Sets
$3.09/Pkg. of 4 Sets

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